Friday, January 21, 2011

Plant Propagation -- Week 2

We had a week off from plant propagation because of the holiday but I did get some pictures during the second week.
This week we worked on stem cuttings for deciduous and evergreens.
Marty found a nice piece of Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea'.

Here is a close up of an internode of the Yellow Twig Dogwood.

We found a nice specimen of Thuja Plicata and I went inside to get some cuttings from the cone of juvenility.

So now I have some cuttings from two plants.

Here I have trimmed my cuttings into 5 sections each with a few inches of bare stem and a couple inches of foliage (for the evergreen Western Red Cedar).

On the evergreens, I wounded a small strip on each side.

I made angled cuts on the bottom end to indicate "this end goes down" and flat cuts on the tops to ensure that I could tell which end goes up.

We planted them up with the same planting medium mix as last week.

Here is the bench for our class. Starting to fill up some.

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