Sunday, June 27, 2010


I keep thinking about how to get more vine plants into the mix. I get these crazy visions of all kinds of supports criss crossed over the back yard. It would be nice to keep things a little formal near the house, but it would be fun to let them get a little more wild as we get further away. I'm just uncertain about just how crazy I can get away with. Some books have made it clear that I need to be mindful that vines can end up being pretty heavy, so flimsy jury-rigged supports are probably not a good idea. Still, one can dream....

I have also been thinking, with all this stuff "up in the air" that I am going to want to pick and prune, how am I to get myself up their for the work. A ladder just seems like such a pedestrian solution. Maybe some kind of climbing rig and pulleys? Stilts? Elven walkways suspended above ground?

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