Monday, May 23, 2011

Tree Problem 7: Chestnut under power line.

Site: Street tree on S side of my street. (NE Portland)

+ Provides nice shade, and chestnuts which are in principle edible. Contributes some variety to the street tree pallet.
- Looks pretty funky with all the "pruning" to clear the power lines.

Tree Characteristics
A large Chestnut (Casanea sp.) a mature tree with a single trunk DBH 20". Live crown ratio is around 50%.

Tree Health
New foliage looks healthy. Some large dead branches. Many points of multiple attachments presumably from earlier heading cuts.

Site Conditions
Street tree with good southern exposure. Level ground, no direct irrigation except in adjacent lawn.

House, cars, power lines.

Tree Defects
Very messed up crown. No dominant leader. Bushy growth from earlier heading cuts.

Hazard Rating
Part most likely to fail: branch failure. Severe failure potential on moderate parts with moderate targets for a hazard rating of 3+2+3 = 8.

Hazard Abatement
Corrective pruning. Rationale: Branches with week attachments should be removed or pruned to manage end weight. Branches which are growing around rather than into the power lines should be favored. General cleaning of dead wood is in order.

Other Recommendations
I should really figure out how to use the chestnuts this fall (the neighbors said we can have all we collect).

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