Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gardening at 1860s Kitchen Garden

I volunteered for the first time at the 1860's Kitchen Garden at Champoeg State Park. It has a lovely rustic arbor covered with hops.
The garden has several prepared beds. Most of the bed is typically in one crop with a little patch at the end need the path planted in something different.

I liked the use of cloches (glass bell jar) to give some plants a head start.

There were some terrific trellises made from apple tree trimmings. Some had the buds bloom after they were planted.
Here is a nice arrangement for beans to climb on...
I worked on making a large trellis that we took to calling trellizilla that will obscure the modern electrical box once the plants grow up.

A view of the garden with the threshing barn beyond.
I liked the look of their compost bins as well.

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