Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tree Climbing

Today in my Fall Tree Care class we did our tree climbing test. 
First thing Spencer had to get a line up into the tree to get things started. 
 I got harnessed up and and tied my knots: two half hitches, a blake's hitch on the climbing line, and some figure eight stopper knots.
Climbing the tree using a double rope system.

 Made it up the tree.
 The instructor sent up a little extreme ironing for me to do while I was up there.
It was a lot easier to repel down than it was to climb up.
 Back on the ground it was time to undo all the knots.
Good day.


  1. yeah, but how good are you at pruning? I am going to need some serious help early spring ;)

  2. I now have pole saws and pole lopers and a good hand saw.