Saturday, May 12, 2012

Incredible Edibles Plant Sale 2012

Happy volunteers selling raffle tickets at the Incredible Edibles Plant Sale on May 5, 2012. They did a nice job dressing up the jars for the raffle tickets -- one jar for each prize.
A couple volunteers ready to take your questions at the help table.
Shopping for plants during the sale with a veteran Master Gardener on hand to field questions.
 A young gardener in training?
 My wife helped out on the team of volunteers checking people out once they picked their plants.
 Beyond the sale proper, we had places to get food, hang out, shop for garden related stuff ....
... including some fun music from a ukulele band.  For me this did a lot to give the day a nice festive feel.
Near the end of the day we had been nearly wiped out of plant. At some point we got everything down to one row of tables. At least that meant we didn't have a lot of plants left over to find homes for at the end of the day.

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