Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garden bed

With the Fall rains looming I got my act together last week to double dig a new garden bed. First I started with some compost.
Lots of compost.
Gathered up some tools.
Took a look at the spot I was going to put the new bed.
Cutting sod and breaking ground.
First step of double digging is to dig one trench and make a pile with that dirt.
The area of the bed we are working on gets covered with compost and a little bit of glacial rock dust (to work in some extra mineral goodness).
From then on, we move the the dirt and compost from the next row into the the working trench we have going.
The bottom gets forked to loosen it up even further and work in a little more organic material.
I used a long board to give me a place to stand without compacting the bed.
All this digging fluffs up the soil quite a bit.
Buffy seemed to find the compost bags very interesting.
I picked up two different cover seed mixes from Naomi's.
I scratched some rows into the area behind the garage for the gardenway mix. I'm hoping this will work as chicken fodder in the spring after it gets the winter to work as a cover crop.
Excuse me for a moment. Time for a snack.
I laid a path in the middle of the garden bed that I thought might be nice with some cocoa husks as mulch.
In retrospect, I probably should have put down some cardboard first to keep the weeds down.
The chickens seemed to think the husks were pretty cool.
We picked up some kale that I tucked in at the last minute.

Update about a week later. Here is the bed with all the new little sprouts. Hopefully freezing weather will hold off long enough for these to get established.

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  1. It looks like I was too late getting the cover crops started. They didn't do well in the cold weather. I need to decide if I should just cover the beds with mulch for the winter, or give the crop a little longer.