Thursday, October 28, 2010

Landscape Construction -- Gravel path

Today our landscape construction class at PCC set out to continue a gravel path that was started by the Tuesday night class.

The excavation was already done for us and the geotextile fabric was in place. While folks gathered up gravel and poured the first lift, I brought over the plate compactor on the compact utility loader.

After the lift was roughly level Juan Carlos used the plate compactor to jiggle everything into place. Pavers were used to edge the path with a lot of attention paid to keeping everything straight.

After the edges were well positioned we filled the soil outside the path to support the edges while the next lift of gravel was poured in and raked to a rough level.

This lift was hand tamped and cleaned up with the addition of a little more gravel as needed.

In the end, it looked pretty good.

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