Monday, March 7, 2011

Plant Propagation -- Week 10: Final observations

Last lab day of propagation we did a "final" round of observations of the handiwork from the term.
It was nice to see the radishes sprout and be all perky. Interesting how distinctly red the hypocotyl is.
The root seems pretty long for a week old sprout. The sprout was very tasty with a spicy kick.
Dave had some with roots growing out the bottom of the six pack.
And here is the proud father.
Several other seeds had germinated and emerged: basil, some parsley, and some california poppy.
I was surprised to see fully opened flowers on one of my strawberry plants. They all were then summarily snipped to redirect their energy to root development. Silly strawberries!
I was pretty discouraged about the snake plant until I looked closely and found four distinct, if small, roots protruding. So, there is hope yet.
By contrast the dogwood was going great guns with both root and leaf development.
Here is Sarah checking in on her plants.
In the hoop house the main action was with the siberian iris, which seemed to be doing nicely. Everything else seemed pretty dormant.
We gathered a crew to clean up the pile of nursery pots.
Here is some of the team proud of a job well done.

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