Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plant Propagation -- Week 6 -- Labor of Division

He who can properly define and divide is to be considered a god.

Today's task was plant division.
We started by tackling a patch of Iris sibirica near Building 7.
A couple students working together with shovels would dig out a patch, break off most of the bulk soil, and place it on the garden cart.
When we were done, we planted back several smaller clumps to fill in the area.
That's a nice looking pile on the cart.
We brought out a variety of tools including rakes to smooth out the soil and rake away debris.
Some of the tools ended up a little the worse for wear.
After dividing them up some more, we potted them up into mostly 1-gallon pots and placed them in the hoop house.
Also on the menu was some Panicum virgatum 'Hans Hermes' and Hemerocallis (pictured).

After a lot of hard work it was good to feel that we succeeded in the mission: divide and conquer.

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