Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plant Propagation -- Week 9: seeds and The Flat Filler

We started our seed lab by using the flat filler to put planting medium into flats of 8 6-packs...

The medium rides up a conveyer out of a large hopper.

It then drops down onto a spinning fan that disperses the medium into the cells of the flat.

On the way out, the flat runs under a leveling brush.

And you end up with a nice flat that just needs to be hydrated and planted.

I planted up a tray with veggies and herbs (radishes, basil, parsley), as well as a few more challenging items.

We had some cool Earth Pots to experiment with. I planted a couple rows of basil, parsley, California Poppies, and nasturtiums.

For small seeds, I sprinkled vermiculite over the top.

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